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The Bunker Book - a photographic journey of bunkers and gun batteries along the coasts of Sweden.

For several years, authors Alexander Olsson and Tim Eriksson travelled the nation north and south, locating and documenting the remains of Swedish military defense-history. The nation's coastal fortifications were both built and torn down without the general population's knowledge, meaning that very little is known about these batteries, and their remains are few.

The Bunker Book depicts our journey through Sweden visiting those top secret places. In the book, we explain how the emplacements would have worked if Sweden would ever have had to mobilize for war, as well as why the fortifications were built the way they were.

It's been difficult to pick, from thousands of pictures, photos for the book. Some of the ones that didn't make the cut can be seen on the gallery page.

The book contains about 800 never before seen pictures, maps, and drawings.

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